new, 96 gallon tote
30 gallon rubbermaid container with handles
DIY Portable Dumpster Available
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Refuse totes and containers
Call our office to schedule a drop off day,
fill it with your waste and we will pick it up.
96 Gallon Tote
Our price is $72.00 each, delivery included to Franklin county and our service area. See front page for the list.

These are NEW totes
Good quality, big wheels. They are 'short height' which makes them easy to fill and move, but they still hold as much as the taller totes.

Compare and save
* Purchase price to own is $72.00 (includes delivery).
* Cost at Lowes or Home Depot is $110.00
* Average cost to rent is $5 per month, or $60.00 per year.
You have the option to buy a tote or use your own container.
If you have a container that you want to use, just add our sticker !
Totes can be purchaced at any time by clicking the buynow button,
or send a check to CMI for $72.oo
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